Tuesday, 19 March 2013

A few things before we begin.

Welcome to The Masters of Cinema Cast. Before we begin with the shows here is a few things about the show.

The idea behind this new podcast venture was to shine a light on the excellent releases of Masters of Cinema. For those of you who don't know Masters of Cinema are a UK based distributor of contemporary and classic cinema; much like Criterion, Masters of Cinema release titles that in many cases would not see the light of day were it not for them.

Distributors such as Criterion and Masters of Cinema deserve to be celebrated which is exactly what Joakim and I intend to do with this new podcast. Much like the excellent Criterion Cast each episode of The Masters of Cinema Cast will pick a release and review the film as well as taking a look at what special features the release has along with news and rumors.

This blog space is very much a holding page with a more detailed and functional site to come soon. In the meantime enjoy the show and please let us know your thoughts.

Tom and Joakim.