Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Episode Two - Mad Detective

The Hong Kong film industry is one of the marvels of cinema. How such a small place can often put out more films than most countries over the course of a given year is not only impressive; it is also maddening. I say maddening because more often than not a great deal of these films never make it it out of the tiny cultural enclave in which they are born.

Johnnie To and Wai Ka-Fai's 2007 Mad Detective was one of the few that landed on western shores having been a hit upon its domestic release. In a collection that so often thought of as being about the past Masters of Cinema often shines a light on more contemporary offerings with Mad Detective being one.

It is a fairly simple story, a cop loses his gun and there maybe some corruption in the force. Sounds fairly familiar doesn't it? Well, that is until you watch the film and realise Mad Detective like its title suggests is a little more left field than you might think.

In this episode Joakim and Tom try and get to grips with a film that like its lead character is slightly more hardwork than your average cop thriller.