Monday, 6 May 2013

Episode Three - M.

A colleague of mine recently asked about 'that film that used to be on with Peter Lore'. I instantly replied 'M'; it wasn't some smug retort to show how film literate I was it, was because of the simple fact M is not shown on television anymore. Why? Well I dare say the answer may have something to do with the fact that despite being made in 1931 it is as shocking today as it was upon its original release. Indeed, M is one of the rare films to never lose its relevancy, to never cease asking the type of questions that society chooses to ignore.

Fritz Lang didn't just make a film about a serial killer and a police investigation designed to thrill audiences, he made a film that probed areas of psychology and the world we live that wasn't just native to the films country Germany; but one that transcends national boundaries and more worryingly time.

In this episode we delve into M share our thoughts on what makes it such an important addition to the Masters of Cinema collection.