Thursday, 30 May 2013

Episode Five - Fantastic Planet

Its not often you can say 'I have never seen anything like that before' come the end of a given film. 's Fantastic Planet might just be one of those films however; in age where directors can literally do and put anything on screen achieving the desired 'wow' factor has become an increasingly rare thing. Laloux didn't have 3D or CGI at his disposal in 1971; just some extremely talent cartoon artists a seriously funky score and some extremeley crazy ideas and still manages to leave jaws on the floor.

It maybe easy to dismiss Fantastic Planet as some post Hippy movement nonsense complete with psychedelic imagery barely concealable political allegories and although it maybe very much a product of its time it remains a compelling and indeed visionary odity.

In this episode we dig into why this film maybe of interest and try not to lose ourselves down the rabbit hole by thinking too much about it....